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AH2508 Field of Armor 1/6 Sd.Kfz.250/8 Neu FULL KIT

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Product Description

Based on the Armor Hobbies 1/6 scale Sd.Kfz.250 half track. Includes the metal body for the Neu version. Requires the use of a hand-rivet tool (rivets included)

This kit includes ALL the plastic parts of the Armor Hobbies Sd.Kfz.250 (tracks, wheels, interior details). Our supply is LIMITED and will be discontinued when sold out

NOTE: Hardware for the kit

  • x12 10-32 x 1/4"L bolts
  • x4 4-40 x 1/2"L bolts
  • x14 M5 washers
  • x4 M2 washers

FOA offers many accessories for this kit, like full running gears. Other accessories are offered by Panzerwerk


INSTRUCTIONS (old instructions from Armor Hobbies)


Product Reviews

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  1. Sd Kfz 250 Neu

    Posted by B Robert Brown on Jun 15th 2019

    First of all, I am grateful that such an unusual vehicle has been released. This is my first effort at building a vehicle in 1/6th scale.
    There are no instructions. Good reference material is rather lacking. And no interior pics of a 250 Neu mortar carrier, except 1 scrap hull, and 1 side pic. I could find no resource for hull plate angles and measurements. Using the hundreds of pics I could find, I did a lot of guess-work, trial and error fitting, artistic license, etc. After I had finished most of the hard work, I found a good series of pictures of a 250 Neu being restored in Eastern Europe. And, after most of the hard work was done, I discovered KS Metals, precision aluminum for hobbies, I went back and reworked some parts with this.

    The layout of the metal parts is pretty ingenious, and the vehicle folds together easily. However, there is a loss of detail and shape, with such ease of construction. I would have gladly accepted some difficulty in construction for some detail changes, upper hull side plates, a few part lengths and hull angles, etc. Another thing that I found negative is the steel construction; it could have been made with aluminum, and wieghed about half as much, and the original donor vehicle chassis could have been used. Without access to shop space, the steel is diifficult to work with, and the finished vehicle is too heavy for what it is. With no TIG welding equipment available, I used JB-Weld (lots), in addition to the provided pop-rivets to permanently assemble the hull.

    The side sponson boxes are about 15mm too short, I only found this out after the hull had been assembled, putting the rear fender flap right over the end of the track . This will require a major rework at some point in the future. The drive sprocket axle holes are about 10mm too far forward, putting the front of the track too close to the front part of the track fender; this was corrected by drilling the axle hole directly behind the existing hole. The front wheel fender has a few degrees too much slope at the rear, making the side tool box difficult to shape and fit correctly. Again, found this out too late to rework, this is noticable when the tool box is open; rework would require making a new tool box (ugh...). I could find no good pics of the sponson doors, and their mechanisms, until I had finished them, which was frustrating.

    The provided interior parts were disappointing. The firewall from the 250 Alte is incorrectly shaped for the Neu hull, and I ended up using only a section of it, using aluminum for the rest of it. There was no driver's compartment floor section (also missing was the tie-rod for the front wheels), and I had to scratch build from there on. The rear floor section was seriously warped, so only the fuel tank was used, the rest scratch built.

    Overall a very challenging model, the largest one I have built so far. In retrospect, had I known what to expect, I would have used the original steel hull for a template, and built the model out of .032 aluminum. I also would have built a functional suspension, and track tensioning system; and built it RC capable, as there is plenty of room in the engine compartment for motors, controls, battery, etc.

    I need to redo the paint job anyway, so that will be done after reworking the hull, and some interior issues, at some point in the future. Even given the model's deficiencies, and the need to rework a few things, I will give it 4 stars, out of 5, because the subject vehicle is one of my favorite from it's time period.

  2. Excellent Model

    Posted by Matthew Whiteley on Jan 2nd 2019

    Such a great model for the price. Highly recommend getting one before they are gone. I have built 2 so far. The air intake is not included in the kit, and I recommend getting the FOA seats as well. There are interior floor panels in the kit. One kit came with track pins and the other didn't but all in all this is a great kit to grab. It turns out excellent. I have posted pictures on the FOA facebook page.


    Posted by James Maupin on Oct 2nd 2018

    Very interesting haltrack from the late WW2 period. The 250 Nue halftrack kit has the usual excellent attention to form & fit from Field of Armor. I am looking forward to finishing the model and adding it to my growing collection of late war vehicles.

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