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  • This customer from Italy was limited by space in installing the TTMS into his 1/6th Scale M13/40 Vehicle. He drilled larger holes on the two TTMS main plates and flipped the axle sprockets. He also moved the two outer bushing slightly inside the frame. This process was done using the available TTMS parts. He was able to gain 1" on EACH side of the TTMS, for a total width reduction of 2".

FOA-TTMS-HP2 Combat R/C Motorization System

2nd Generation
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Product Description

TTMSMotorization System, High Profile

Non-assembledMotorization Unit for scale vehicles [i.e. 1/6 scale to 1:1 scale]. This powerful unit allows "Combat Performances" in rough terrain. The minimum height of this system is 4.2" from ground to highest point, but shaft center to back bolt center is 2.5" (High Profile - to check the low profile Motor System, click here)


This self-standing motorization unit consists of two 450W/24VDC Motors in parallel, with reduction gears, chain gears, and sturdy frames to install in any motorized scale vehicle with a minimum internal width of 25 cm (9.8").

Drive Shaft: 5/8" Cold-Drawn Steel with 3/16" keyway.

Floor print of unit: 18.5 cm width (7.3") by 22 cm length (8.7"). Distance from sprocket shaft center to front of unit: 3.5 cm (1.4"). The back of the motorization unit can be raised or lowered, depending on floor configuration.

ADD DRIVE SHAFT LENGTH in the comment of the order, otherwise the standard FOA10001RC Tiger I drive shaft will be provided: 3 1/8" inside the TTMS, 2 5/8" from TTMS motor plate to hull, and 3 1/4" outside the hull - Total length 9" [Panzer IV is 8 1/4" overall]

The frame has a high back profile, but can be reversed downward. A locking plate will restrict the forward movement of the motors on the side frame.


  • Self Standing: this unit can be installed in vehicle of variable structural stress resistance (i.e. Plastic, Fiberglass, Metal). It is a stand alone unit because of its laser cut frame mixed with steel cross braces.
  • Powerful: The 450W motors, 3,000 rpm @ 24 VDC, 78% efficiency, coupled with 7.18 reduction gears and 13/9 ratio chain gears provide sufficient torque for driving and turning in rough terrain. Effective 225 RPM on shaft sprocket. Ratio of chain gears can be changed.
  • Reliable: A series of flanged bearings on the sprocket keyed shaft provides perfect alignment and decreases rotational friction.
  • Two high Amperage Speed controllers
  • Mixer is necessary if one stick control is used
  • Fuse Box recommended

Customer Comments:

Demetri from California03/31/2014

"I was very happy to have received the TTMS unit and motor controllers this weekend. At first I was wondering where the assembly instructions where but then realized you have added those to the website."

"I completed assembly quite quickly and am very very happy I spent the money for it. Note there are some very small variations between the instructions and actually assembly of the unit and parts provided."


1) The two motors touch ever so slightly (back to back). Will this/does this, potentially create problems with vibration and noise interference? Do you see any problem or need to grind the motor cases a little to get some separation?

Answer from FOA: Motors should be separated by 1/16" to 1/8" to avoid heat transfer, vibration, etc. Add x3 washers on one side of the front assembly, and x1 washer to the back frame. Aluminum spacers will be adjusted.

2) What size batteries (physical dimensions) are you able to fit into the Tiger I hull?

Answer from FOA: We use two 12V18Ah batteries (click link), and it provides lots of energy to your motors -over 1 hours of constant running. You could use 12V 12Ah or even replace them with LiPO or LiFE batteries (more expensive, and should be careful on handling and recharge)

"Thank you again. I am very happy with the units and can't wait to power them up and try them out."



Product Reviews

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  1. High quality materials and solid engineering

    Posted by Morgan on Jun 28th 2019

    Great system! Beefy motor mounting plates, hardware and bearings. Easy to assemble following the online instructions! These systems are versatile allowing different orientation depending on shape of hull. Great option to use for a one-off project too!.


    Posted by JP on May 28th 2018

    Two years of tough testing in Mud, Snow, Sand on a Vantex M4A3 with Vantex Sprockets so powerful it will cut the steel pins running through the sprocket and drive shaft when the track is immobilized. Great job and design F.O.A !!

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