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Gettysburg Oct. 2014

The FOA Production Tiger I waspresent at the event, including the systems: MPSSSuspension, TTMSMotorization, TTRSRotation, TTESElevation, TTX650Tx/Rx with two push buttons, CONTRL1with 4 Talons SR, four LiPO 11.1V batteries, SOUNDsystem, CLPSLaser, 50calMarker - we also had a spring actuated idler using a single MPSS system. NOTincluded were the recoiland the fog smoker.

The reason I list all these systems is to record what worked, and whatdid not.

MPSSsuspension : workedsmoothly. Some slippage of the plastic tracks at times when the grass was wet orwhen in tight spots (ditches). I was slower than the Cromwell, but still hadgood speed around 5 mph
TTMS Motorization:The lock-plate on the motors were installed, but the critical bolt to avoid themotors from slipping were not installed (go figure why it's called a"lock-plate"!). So I lost my left motor traction. I quickly installeda bolt and re-tied all the bolts and it was 15 min lost. Otherwise, this systemwas flawless
TTRS Rotation:the 12" lazy susan worked OK. Now that I've seen Tyng Tech new rotationsystem, with fine tuning and no play in the gears, I'm hooked! But the TTRS wasfunctional during the fights
TTES Elevation:There was a "dead zone" in the middle of the elevation which was veryannoying to fine tune the shots. Steve thinks that it was assembled improperlyand I will verify that when I get the Tiger back from the Freight company
TTX650 controls:This system worked fantastic, both push buttons were responsive. I'm lookingforward to "Cross the Road Electronics" Hero system with PS2controllers still with 2.4GHz frequency
CONTRL1 Electronics:The Talons performed as expected. No problem with any wiring. However, Stevepointed some issues like a 12-gauge between two main batteries connectors in6-gauge, which could be bad news under high amps.
SOUND system:It is a 12V Benedini sound system for the motors (idle, acceleration, fullspeed, slow down) connected to an amplifier for two 40W speakers under theexhaust grills. It was so loud that it was hard to listen to other players...but it brought some smiles! Obviously not a feature for RC Combat, and I did notturn it on for most games. NOTE: FOA is working on an additional soundsystem adding the extra sounds of turret rotation, gun elevation and gun firing!... just for fun!
LiPO Batteries:The Tiger participated in all morning and afternoon combats and I did notrecharge the batteries. I had the set of four chargers ready for a quick onehour recharge at lunch, but it was not necessary. I had great speed until theend. These batteries lowered the weight of the Tiger by 20 lbs... and gained 1mph speed!
CLPS Laser:First, the laser bracket was not easily calibrated, because mounted on thehandle of the marker. We need to find a more sturdy position. Laser guidancewould be nice for long-distance targeting, but all the games happened in a smallcorridor to allow the fixed assets to participate. Most shots were 'point blank'and did not require any guidance
50cal Marker:I was not happy with my 50cal. First, I had a lot of paintball break in thebarrel. Also the ball trajectories were hard to see because those balls are sosmall. I removed the PVC long barrel because it was not fully straight and paintwas exploding in the muzzle brake. It would have been easier to shoot with along barrel as an aiming device.

To conclude, I would say that the 50cal Marker and the unreliable TTES Elevationmade the Tiger less efficient as a killing machine. I got some shots on othertanks but I was not 100% functional.

ABS Body: TheProduction Tiger has an 3/16" ABS body with 18-gauge metal inner shell,allowing its light weight. The Tiger was rammed several times by other tanks andsuffered minimal damages. The only visual damage was on the left fender whenrammed by the Semovente early in the day. The ABS plates under the fenderunglued, and the front glacis does not have inner metal brackets like the otherbraces and back plates in the upper hull. We had to add some zip tied tostrengthen the front fenders. Metal brackets will be added to the front glacis.

Now about the event itself:

I counted 6 welts on my legs and 1 on my shoulder. Steve shot me 3 times in lessthan 2 seconds in the first two seconds of the football game... and then chimedthat I screamed like a girl! Needless to say that in the next election years,any suggestions that girls would not be as tough as "RC Tankers" wouldbe looked upon badly. At least John was able to score a touchdown while Frankrammed his Semovente into my 'linebacker' Tiger, and then accused me ofscratching his beautiful paint on his front fender!

Photo 1: is the results on Paul's legs - hint, wear some jeans. My welts are much smaller and not as deep!

Photo 2: Result of Semovente trying to push the linebacker Tiger away

Photo 3: Bazooka Joe, alias "10-yr-old-Dave" doing some damage [red paint]! BTW, he felt so bad that he offered me donuts TWICE after the show...