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New Policies 4/15/2017

New Development at FOA

Loic decided to have a HARD look at the FOA operation, and how we could still survive the slump of the 1/6th scale industry and preserve the marvelous products we carry. Ultimately, the goal is EFFICIENCY - and LOW OVER-HEAD

Below are the
new rules of the FOA business:

  • Resin accessories: FOA will discontinue selling individual resin accessories for tanks. I followed one employee all day to pull dozens of cheap parts, finding the molds, casting them, and putting them back. It makes the process very inefficient and costly. They also have to open up other molds to check their identity and it decreases the mold life - this rule is in effect NOW - .500 resin accessories have been removed from the website. More next week! (if you find any accessory still listed on the website, it will be processed)
  • Accessory Bundles: FOA will start selling "bundles" of resin accessories. For example, the full lower hull running gear of the Panzer III (Needed if you are building a StuG III, or any Pz.III variant) or the entire Pak 43 of the Nashorn tank. It's much more efficient to find and run FULL PLATE of molds
  • Inquire by email if you think FOA should consider a specific "Bundle"
  • Special Accessories: Accessories in the category FOA-ACC are not affected by the new policies
  • 6th Scale Icons: No changes to this super-detailing line. Pricing have been updated to Mike Stannard's pricing in 2012. We found a number of accessories, assembled or not and made them available on the website. Our critical restocking goals for April are the clamps: GENT004, GENT005 and GENT006L. Many 6SI products are out of stock because of non-availability of the Photo-Etch parts of these working latches.
  • Stocking FOA Static Tanks: FOA will discontinue stocking tanks. When all our current inventory is running out, we will take "pre-orders" for a next batch of tank. We will charge a $50 retainer fee for a tank, and when a number of tanks is reserved, we will confirm the order with customers, and produce A BATCH. Mistakes will lessen with employees producing the same product multiple times, rather than producing many different products. Each production batch should last less than 90 days from retainer fee to production, otherwise the retainer is refunded or the customer approves further delays.
  • RC Tanks: There is no much margin on these multi-media vehicles, but the size of the order makes it worthwhile to process it. We are keeping the "sub-systems" which is affordable for many customers who want to own a "Living, humming, and Smoking" piece of history.

We have started to update the instructions for the current RC Vehicles we offer: Tiger I, Panther, Sherman. The RC versions of the Kingtiger, Jagdtiger and Pz.III will be shortly updated as well.