Latest Arrivals

July 12

FOA001RC-HUB Two Drive Sprockets for RC Pz.IV Ausf.H & J NEW

FOA001RC-HUBE Two Drive Sprockets for RC Pz.IV up to Ausf.G NEW

FOA001RC-IDLER1 Two Idler for RC Pz.IV - Standard NEW

FOA001RC-IDLER2 Two Idler for RC Pz.IV - Late NEW


June 24

FOA028 8.8cm L71 Flak 41 Reservations (DEC)

FOA027 8.8cm Flak 36/37 with Trailers Kit NEW

FOA027-CABLES Communication Cables for 8.8cm Flak 36/37 Trailer NEW

FOA027-CHAINS Extra Detail Chains for Flak 36/37 and Trailers NEW

FOA027-RCUPGRADE Bushing and Hardware to Roll the Flak 36/37 NEW

FOA027-TIRE Two Tires for Flak 36/37 Trailer NEW


January 30

FOA-ACC040 Two Gurtsack Resin NEW

FOA009 M16 MGMC Kit Reservations

FOA10001-INTDECALS Tiger I Turret Interior Decals NEW

FOA014-BREECH Pak43 Breech (KT/JP) NEW


November 12

PZIIT0124-1MK Pz.II One tow rope Early Front Hull NEW

PZIIT0124-2MK Pz.II Two tow rope Early Front Hull NEW

PZIIT0124-3MK Pz.II One tow rope Ausf.F Front Hull NEW

PZIIT0124-4MK Pz.II Two tow rope Ausf.F Front Hull NEW

PZIIT014-K Pz.II 'late' Cupola NEW

PZIIT015-K Pz.II Ausf.F Conversion NEW

PZIIT016-K Pz.II Ausf.A/B/C Up-Armored Conversion NEW

FOA10001-104SS Stainless Steel Tiger I pins NEW


July 23

DRA75051 M4A3 (75) Sherman Kit NEW

FOA-TTMS-L Light R/C Motorization 12V NEW

FOA10001-EINTERIOR Tiger I Early Interior NEW

FOA10001-MINTERIOR Tiger I Mid Interior NEW

FOA10001-LINTERIOR Tiger I Late Interior NEW


June 11

FOA011-TRANS Front Bolted Transmission Cover NEW

FOA011-CASTHULL Late Cast Hull for M4A3 NEW


May 23

AH2508 Sd.Kfz.250 NEU Limited! Now FULL KIT!

6SI-TT14R Tiger I Driver/Radio Interior upgrade NEW

6SI-TT15R Tiger I Loaders Hatch Interior upgrade NEW

6SI-TT16R Tiger I Escape Hatch Interior upgrade NEW


May 8 Largest Photo-Etch Restock!

GENT006S Stowage Bin and Tool Box Catches - SALE!

GENT020 Padlock Kit - SALE!

GENT028 German Jerry Can Holder Restock

GENT035 Ammo Box Latches Restock

GENT037-88A Barrel Rifled 88mm w. tube Restock

GENT037-88B Barrel Rifled 88mm round Restock

GENT037-88K Barrel Rifled 88mm flat Restock

PAN06 Panther/Jagd Jack block Restock

PAN22A Panther Engine Cover Deluxe Restock

PAN22B Panther Engine Grills Restock

PAN16 Panther Cleaning Rod Canister Upgrade Restock

PAN31 Panther IR Scope FG1250 Restock

PAN32 Panther IR Scope Armored Bin Restock

PZIIIT08 Pz.III S Shackles Set Restock

PZIIIT09 Pz.III Jack Block Restock

PZIIIT10 Pz.III Jack Block Late Restock

PZIIIT13 Convoy Light Kit Restock

PZIIIT19 Pz.III Engine Intake Grills Restock

PZIVT017 Pz.IV Cleaning Rods Restock

PZITT019 Pz.IV Jack Set Restock

PZIVT020 Pz.IV Jack Block Restock

SDAH51D Sd.Ah.51 Deluxe Trailer & all accessories Restock

SD250-03 sd.kfz250 Start Crank Restock

SD250-04 Jack Block Restock

SD250-17 Tow Rope Side Fitting Restock

SD250-25 Rear Side Light  NEW

TT18B Tiger 2 Sternantenna Deluxe Set with Canister NEW

TT26 Tiger I Armortek Drum Cupola Upgrade NEW

TT30 Tiger I Space Periscope HolderSALE!


May 1

FOA10001-REARBOX Tiger I Early Tool Box NEW


March 23

Mission Models Paints 100% IN STOCK 

ACC039 British Dunlop Trak Grip Wheels (4) NEW


March 12 

ACC023 German MG-34/42 Oil Can Box NEW

ACC026 German Flak 38 Single Ammo Box NEW

ACC036 US SCR-508 mobile Radio NEW

ACC037 British Wireless Set No.19 NEW

ACC038 German Flak 38 Double Ammo Box & Clips NEW


March 1 

Painting Masks for Panzer III Ausf.M/N Family NEW


February 12 

30 Paint Masks: Panzer III Ausf.M/N

6SI-TT23-K Tiger Front Mudguard 

6SI-TT24-K Tiger Rear Early Mudguard 

6SI-TT25-K Tiger Rear Late Mudguard 

6SI-TT32-K Tiger I Stowage Bin 

6SI-ZIMTOOL01 Zimmerit Tool Set 1

6SI-ZIMTOOL01 Zimmerit Tool Set 2 

6SI-ZIMTOOL01 Zimmerit Tool Set 3 


July 12 

6SI-250-16H Jack Handle NEW

AH2508-Gears SdKfz.250 Running Gears with Plastic Tracks NEW


June  30 

6SI-GENT002 Fire Extinguisher as Kit RESTOCK

6SI-PAN02 Panther right tools RESTOCK


June  14 

FOA017RC Jagdtiger RC version NEW

FOA10001-TINTERIOR Tiger I Turret Interior Pre-Order with 10% discount!


June  6 - D-Day

FOA015 Panzer III Ausf.M/N Instruction Manual

6SI-GENT004 Tool Clamp type 5/16"

6SI-GENT005 Tool Clamp type 3/8"

6SI-GENT006L Stowage Bin/Box Catches Finally!

PAN26 Bergepanther C Shackles (2) NEW

TT23 Tiger I Mudguards NEW

6SI-PZIIIT11B Two Long Cable Tow Rope

6SI-PZIIIT11C Two Long Cable Tow Rope

6SI-PZIIIT16 Cleaning Rod

6SI-PZIIIT24 Rear Mudguard Stops

6SI-PZIIIT25 Commanders Cupola Aiming Post

6SI-PZIIIT28 Spare Wheel Carrier Riser (2) NEW

6SI-TT12 Tiger 1/2 Track Tow Rope

6SI-PZIVT001 C Shackle

6SI-PZIVT002 Track Tension Wrench

6SI-PZIVT005 S Shackle

6SI-PZIVT011 Axe Set Short Handle


May 22

AH250 1/6 Sd.Kfz.250 NEU Metal Body NEW


April 15

FOA003-446F1-R 1/6 Muffler Pipe - Late - with Flame Suppressors NEW

FOA003-446F2-R 1/6 Muffler Pipe - Late - with Flame Suppressors and Elbows NEW

FOA-ACC034 1/6 German Crate (one crate) NEW

FOA-ACC035 1/6 German Crate (Set of 10 - Assorted) NEW


April 13

FOA015 Panzer III Ausf.M/N IN STOCK!

FOA015-SKIRTS Panzer III Ausf.M/N Turret/Body Skirts NEW


April 7

Found a number of Assembled 6SI Accessories

6SI-GENT002-A Fire Extinguisher Set (Late Type) Assembled

6SI-PAN30-A Panther Blowtorch Heater and Tray Assembled

6SI-ZIMTOOL02 Zimmerit Tool Set 2 (18 teeth to 2") Blades 2", 1" and 1/2"

6SI-TT43A-K Tiger 2 Rear Deck Engine Cover Latch Set of 1 as a Kit

6SI-TT56B-K Tiger 1 Late and Tiger 2 Muzzle Brake with Rifling Plug Kit

6SI-TT53-A Tiger 2 Blowtorch Heater and Tray Assembled

6SI-TT52-A Tiger 1 Blowtorch Heater and Tray Assembled

6SI-TT44-A Tiger 1 & Sturmtiger Rear Deck Center Cover Prop Open Latches Set of 2

6SI-TT43-A Tiger 1 & Sturmtiger Rear Deck Engine Covers Latches Set of 3 Assembled

and many more already on website


March 20

FOA-ACC018 Kubelwagen/Swimmwagen Engine NEW


February 24

FOAP60036 WH Wehrmacht Heer License Plates NEW

FOAP60037 WL Wehrmacht Luftwaffe License Plates NEW

FOAP60038 US K Ration Boxes NEW

FOAP60038 SS Vehicles License Plates NEW

FOA008-146R Winco Winch Motor for Halftrack NEW


February 16

DID251CW-BUILT Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C Winter SALE

DID251CY-BUILT Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C 3-Tone SALE

FOA-ACC017 Pz.III/IV Winter Tracks (220) NEW


February 10

FOA-ACC014 German Drum Pump NEW

FOA015-101R Mantlet & 75mm NEW

FOA015-102R Mantlet & 50mm NEW

FOA015-104R Rear Mantlet Turret Face NEW

FOA015-106R Antenna Holder NEW

FOA015-108R L/R Rear Tow Hooks NEW

FOA015-110R Bumper Stops NEW

FOA015-113R Split Hatch Cupola NEW

FOA015-114R Turret Doors NEW

FOA015-115R Late Pipe Exhausts NEW

FOA015-116R Idler Wheels NEW

FOA015-118R Return Rollers NEW

FOA015-119R Hydraulic Arms NEW

FOA015-120R Spare Wheel w/ Holder NEW

FOA015-121R Drive Sprockets Static NEW

FOA015-122R Swing Arm Stoppers NEW

FOA015-123R Center Swing Arms NEW

FOA015-124R F/R Swing Arms NEW

FOA015-125R Front Air Vents NEW

FOA015-126R Rear Panel Hooks NEW


January 24

Mission Models Premium Acrylic Paints NEW

Mission Models Primers NEW

Mission Models Additives NEW

Mission Models Weathering Paints NEW


January 24 Huge PE Restock

6SI-TT01-01SMW ST Hammer

6SI-TT01-02SMW ST Axe

6SI-TT01-05SMA Tiger I Pry Bar

6SI-TT04-02SK ST Jack Block

6SI-TT05-02SA ST C Shackle

6SI-TT12 Tiger 1/2 JT Tow Rope

6SI-TT27 Tiger I grill covers

6SI-TT36S ST Shovel

6SI-TT39 Tiger 2 Engine Intake Grills

6SI-TT48 Engine Air Intake Cover

6SI-TT49-03SK ST 20-ton Jack

6SI-TT50 ST Antenna Rack

6SI-TT52 Tiger I Blowtorch/tray

6SI-TT53 Tiger 2 Blowtorch/tray

6SI-TT55 Tiger 2 Mudguards

6SI-TT56 Tiger I/2 Muzzle Brake

6SI-PAN13 Panther open sight SALE!

6SI-PAN14 Panther turret gas card holders

6SI-PAN17 Panther barrel travel lock

6SI-PAN23 Panther bolt lock tab

6SI-PAN30 Panther blowtorch/tray NEW

6SI-SC01 88mm Steel Container

6SI-GENT006S Stowage bin catches

6SI-GENT033 Tool/accessory mounts SALE!

6SI-GENT035 Ammo Box latches


January 15, 2017

6SI-TT32-K Tiger I Stowage Bin Restock


December 20

Full restock of HQ Masks

13 Paint Masks: Jagdtiger  NEW

23 Paint Masks: Jagdpanther  NEW

14 Paint Masks: StuG IV  NEW

25 Paint Masks: Jagdpanzer IV L/48 & L/70  NEW


December 9

FOA007 Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Kit Restock

6SI-BGT-AMMO MG-34 ammo belt w/ bullets Restock

6SI-TT18A-A Tiger I Sternantenna Basic Set

6SI-M-FIX01 Miniatures Hex Head Screws/Nuts (450) 

6SI-M-FIX02 Miniatures Slotted Flat Head Screws/Nuts (420) 

6SI-M-FIX02 Miniatures Screws, Rivets, Washers, Lock Nuts (435) 

6SI-TT01-01SMW-K Sturmtiger Hammer

6SI-TT01-02SW-K Sturmtiger Axe

6SI-TT01-03SMW-K Sturmtiger Shovel

6SI-TT01-05SMA-K Sturmtiger Pry Bar

6SI-TT04-02S-K Sturmtiger Jack Block

6SI-TT05-02SA-K Sturmtiger C Shackles


December 1

6SI-SGIIIT01-K Stug III Hammer

6SI-SGIIIT04L-K Stug IIIG Wire Cutter

6SI-SGIIIT06L-K Stug IIIF8-G Start Crank

6SI-SGIIIT08-K Stug III Shackles (2)

6SI-SGIIIT09-K Stug IIIF8-G Jack Block

6SI-SGIIIT16L-K Stug IIIF8-G Cleaning Rods

6SI-SGIIIT18-K Stug III Tow Bracket Pins

6SI-SGIIIT26E-K Stug IIIA-F Rear Deck Hinges

6SI-SGIIIT26L-K Stug IIIF8-G) Rear Deck Hinges


November 29

6SI-PAN20-01VS-K Panther Long Jack Metal

6SI-PAN20-01VR-K Panther Long Jack Resin

6SI-PAN20-02VS-K Panther Short Jack Metal

6SI-PAN20-02VR-K Panther Short Jack Resin


November 25

Animatronics FOA-ANIM10 Full body with electronics

Animatronics FOA-ANIM01 Upper Body

Animatronics FOA-ANIM02 Back

Animatronics FOA-ANIM03 Neck Assembly

Animatronics FOA-ANIM04 Left Arm with Extension

Animatronics FOA-ANIM05 Right Arm fixed

Animatronics FOA-ANIM05 Rotating base

Animatronics FOA-ANIM07 Full body only


November 18

Updated 6th Scale Icons - Panzer III Line

Updated 6th Scale Icons - Panzer IV Line


November 17

Updated RC Sherman Sub-Systems

RC tanks are found here Kingtiger/Tiger I/Panther


November 14

FOAP60026 German Road Signs Pt.2

FOAP60029 Inside the WW II AFV

FOAP60030 Road Signs Ost Front

FOAP60031 Vintage Garage Signs

FOAP60032 Vintage Garage Signs Pt.2

FOAP60033 German Road Maps


November 1

FOA014 Kingtiger Static Restock

FOA017 Jagtiger Static Restock


October 14

PAN12C-A Panther Sternantenna D Basic Set


October 14

FOA-ACC013 20 liter Italian Jerry Can


October 1

FOA017-401R Jagtiger Loader's Hatch

FOA017-403R Jagtiger Commander's Hatch (set)

FOA017-405R Jagtiger Sliding Hatch

FOA017-406R Jagtiger Center Rear Deck Vent

FOA017-408R Jagtiger Air Vent

FOA017-409R Jagtiger Rotating Periscope

FOA017-419R Jagtiger Large Hooks (7)

FOA017-420R Jagtiger Small Hooks (9)

FOA017-422R Jagtiger Small Periscope

FOA017-433R Jagtiger Engine Air Intake (2)

FOA017-501R Jagdtiger Mantlet Base

FOA017-502R Jagdtiger Gun Reducer

FOA017-503R Jagdtiger Mantlet

FOA017-504R Jagdtiger Gun Barrel End

FOA017-511R Jagtiger Escape Hatch (set)

FOA017-515R Jagtiger Gun Cradle (set)


September 8

FOA30005 Sd.Kfz.251/21 Drilling NEW 

FOA003RC-EXH Panther RC exhaust
FOA014RC-EXH Kingtiger RC exhaust


August 19

6SI-GENT049-A Miniature 3/8" Hinges (2)

6SI-GENT008A 1.4m Stab Antenna

6SI-GENT008A 2m Stab Antenna

6SI-TT18C Tiger 2 SternAntenna

New in stock: 6SI shovel, axe, hammer pre-painted/weathered

FOA017 Jagdtiger ABS Static Kit NEW 


June 16

6SI-TT04-03-K Tiger I and Sturmtiger Start Crank

6SI-TT04-04-A Tiger 2 Start Crank

6SI-TT15-2-K  Tiger 2 Late Loader's Hatch

FOA014-026R Kingtiger Functional Escape Hatch (redesigned)


June 10

FOA001-409R Pz.IV Turret Door Assembly

FOA001-413R Pz.IV Mantlet Assembly

FOA001-417R Pz.IV Driver's Hatch

FOA001-418R Pz.IV Radio's Hatch

FOA001-439R Hull MG

FOA001-616R Pz.IV Wooden Jack Block

AH2508-Outer Sd.Kfz.250 Outer Wheel Set

AH2508-Inner Sd.Kfz.250 Inner Wheel Set

AH2508-Sprocket Sd.Kfz.250 Sprocket Set

ACC010 15cm Nebelwerfer Round

ACC012 Swimmwagen Paddle


June 1

6SI-TT01-01MW-K Tiger I & 2, Jadgtiger Hammer

6SI-TT01-01SMW-K Sturmtiger Hammer

6SI-TT01-02MW-K Tiger I & 2 Axe

6SI-TT01-01SMW-K Sturmtiger Axe

6SI-TT01-05MA-K Tiger I Pry Bar

6SI-TT01-05SMW-K Sturmtiger Pry Bar

6SI-TT01-07MW-K Jagdtiger Axe

6SI-TT01-08MA-K Tiger 2 & Jadgtiger Pry Bar


May 27

45 Paint Masks: Panzer IV Ausf.H & J  In Stock!


May 25

FOA014 Kingtiger Henschel Version RESTOCK


Kingtiger & Panther Sprockets

FOA10001-STWBIN Tiger I Stowage Bin RESTOCK


May 18

GENT032A-K KW Cold Start for ALL tanks/halftracks

GENT032BCD-K KW Cold Start for tanks/halftracks

GENT026A-K Kettenkrad Rifle Rack 

GENT026B-K Rifle Rack With Stock Holder

GENT026C-K Rifle Rack Clamp

6SI-PAN24-1-K Panther Cupola External Upgrade Kit for Armortek Cupola

6SI-GENT031A Large Tank Deck Hinge (Panther and others)

6SI-GENT031B Small Tank Deck Hinge (Pz I, II, III and others)

6SI-GENT035-K Ammo Box Latch as a kit (Has other uses) Set of 4

6SI-GENT036-K Small U Shackles (4) Hooks (2) For small tanks 


May 11

6SI Sd.Kfz.250 Entire Line Update/in Stock

'Flak 43' and 'Stummel' Shields


April 14

ABS Panther 'static' and 'RC' NEW

6SI-TT33-K Tiger I Loader's Periscope Deluxe


April 7

FOA30001-446R Sdkfz.251 Exhaust Pipe

FOA30001-AMMO1 Stummel Large Ammo Box

FOA30001-AMMO2 Stummel Hull Storage Bin

FOA30001-AMMO3 Stummel L24 7.5cm Shells


March 23

6SI-GENT004-K Tool Clamp Type 5/16" Working

6SI-GENT004-K Tool Clamp type 3/8" Working


March 17

Added 21st Century Figure Uniforms/Weapons


March 7

6SI-PZIIIT13-K Convoy Light

6SI-250-18-K Convoy Light

FOA10001RC Available in SUB SYSTEMS! NEW

FOA003RC Available in SUB SYSTEMS! NEW


March 3

FOA30001-404R Sd.Kfz.251 Seats

FOA30001-407R Sd.Kfz.251 Entire Floor


February 29

AH2508 Sd.Kfz.250/8 Stummel NEW


February 27

FOA30003 Sd.Kfz.251/9 Stummel Conversion NEW

FOA-SDAH58 Sd.Ah 58 Trailer for Flak 43 NEW

GENT040-M Medals/Badges of Wehrmacht 1

GENT040B-M Medals/Badges of Wehrmacht 2

GENT040C-M Medals/Badges of Wehrmacht 3

GENT040F-M Medals/Badges of Wehrmacht 4

GENT040G-M Medals/Badges of Wehrmacht and US 5

GENT040-M Belt Buckles of Wehrmacht 

GENT045-M 2.5cm German Eagle (metal)

GENT045R 165mm German Eagle (resin)

Restock 88mm HE Ammo Decals

Restock 88mm AP Ammo Decals


February 12

Added 21st Century Collection of Figures


February 11

Added 21st Century Collection of Vehicles

Full Inventory of Panther G Masks


January 31, 2016

FOA001-M401R Pz.III/IV Late Cupola

FOA-ACC009 German Food Cantine

FOA003-602R Panther Wheel Resin

FOA003-455LR Panther Chin Mantlet


January 7, 2016

6SI-TT04-02-K Tiger 1 & 2 Jack Block Set

6SI-TT32-K Tiger 1 Stowage Bin Pre-Order


December 17

FOA-FLAK43 3.7cm Flak 43 NEW

6SI-TT11-K Tiger 1 and 2 MG Mount/Cupola Ring

6SI-GENT033 AFV Tools & Accessory Mounts

FOAP60028 Printed German Personal Belonging

FOAP60027 Printed German Wooden Crates

6SI-GT01 Goliath Trailer kit with Wheels


November 23

6SI-TT58 Tiger I Turret Lifting Hooks (3)

6SI-TT59 Tiger I Armored Exhaust Lifting Hooks (4)


November 4

HQ Masks for Panther G - added 46 new masks!


November 3

FOA-SOUND1 R/C Sound - Tiger I

FOA-SOUND2 R/C Sound - Kingtiger

FOA-SOUND3 R/C Sound - Panther

FOA-SOUND4 R/C Sound - Sherman

6SI-PAN01-K Front Left Tool Rack and Tools

6SI-PAN02-K Front Right Tool Rack and Tools

6SI-PAN03-K Center Right Tool Rack and Tools

6SI-PAN04-K Tow Rope and End Bracket

6SI-PAN05-K Track Replacement Tow Rope

6SI-PAN06-K Jack Block and Carrier

6SI-PAN07-K Spare Track Carriers

6SI-PAN08-K Cleaning Rod Canister/Pry Bar

6SI-PAN09-K Hatch Bump Stops

6SI-PAN10-K Antenna and Armored Base


October 28

FOA003-401R Panther Cupola

FOA003-403R Panther Cleaning Rod/Antenna Canister

FOA003-427R Panther Gun Lock Base

FOA003-428R Panther Gun Lock

FOA003-431R Panther Raised Engine Vent

FOA003-433R Panther Engine Vent

FOA003-434R Panther Inner Sprocket

FOA003-435R Panther Idler

FOA003-439R Panther Driver/Radio Hatch

FOA003-404R Panther MG Rail

FOA003-446R Panther Exhaust

FOA003-448R Panther Nozzle Brake

FOA003-449R Panther Periscope Cover

FOA003-450R Panther Periscope Bolt Ring

FOA003-455R Panther Gun Mantlet

FOA-ACC007 Kraftstoff 5-Liter Gas Tank

FOA-ACC033 Esso Can

FOA-ACC034 Kubelwagen Paddle

FOA-ACC035 Acorn Bolts


September 25

FOA014-027M King Tiger Escape Hatch Hinges

FOA014-028M King Tiger Turret Track Holders

FOA014-029M King Tiger Sprocket Conical Bolts

FOA014-030M King Tiger Turret Lifting Hooks

6SI-GENT003-K Fire Extinguisher (Early)

Restock of all Tiger I track link stowage bars


September 19

HQ Paint Masks - German Motorcycle & Kettenkrad

HQ Paint Masks - PaK 40 Ammo Boxes


September 10

FOA011-T23 T23 Sherman M4A3 (76) Turret NEW

HQ Paint Masks - 30 Kingtigers

HQ Paint Masks - 43 Tiger I

HQ Paint Masks - 52 Sherman


August 20

FOA014RC Kingtiger RC Version NEW

6SI-SDAH51B Flak 38 Trailer Sd.Ah.51 Basic

6SI-SDAH51D Flak 38 Trailer Sd.Ah.51 Deluxe

6SI-SDAH51-01 Flak 38 Trailer Sd.Ah.51 Magazine Box

6SI-SDAH51-02 Flak 38 Trailer Sd.Ah.51 Mudguard

6SI-SDAH51-03 Flak 38 Trailer Sd.Ah.51 Tow Ropes


August 7

6SI-ACC030 TFZ-5f Panzer IV L/48 Gun Optics

6SI-ACC031 TFZ-9b Tiger I Early/Mid Double Gun Optics

6SI-ACC032 TFZ-9c Tiger I Late Single Gun Optics

FOAP50001 1/6 Soldbuch, SS & Heer, Manuals

FOAP50002 1/6 Propaganda Posters, Ammo Boxes

FOAP50003 1/6 Soldbuch Luftwaffe, Signal Covers, Marks

FOAP50004 1/6 Map, Poster, can labels

FOAP50005 1/6 US Cigarette Pkt, Tooth Paste, etc.

FOAP50006 1/6 US Rations, Magazine Covers, Maps


June 23

6SI-TT12B-K Tiger 1 Late, Tiger 2, JgTiger Track tow rope

6SI-TT32H-K Tiger 1 Stowage Hinges - Set of 4


June 16

FOA014-902S King Tiger Tracks

FOA-ACC027 Castle Nuts

FOA-ACC028 Late Version Tail LIght

FOA-ACC029 Periscope

FOA001-432R Pz.IV Access Panel Full Hinge

FOA001-603R Pz.IV Ful Sprocket

FOA001-604R Pz.IV Radiator Fill Box Early

FOA001-604LR Pz.IV Radiotor Fill Box Late

FOA001-605R Pz.IV Right Idler Holder

FOA001-606R Pz.IV Left Idler Holder

FOA001-608R Pz.IV Muffler

FOA001-609R Cooling Water Draining Port

FOA001-611R Pz.IV Side Hull Gas Cap

FOA001-613R Pz.IV Large Engine Grill

FOA001-614R Pz.IV Small Engine Grill

FOA001-615R Pz.IV Idler Wheel (2 halves & cap)

FOA001-617RR Pz.IV Idler Right Mount

FOA001-617LR Pz.IV Idler Left Mount

FOA001-618R Pz.IV Mount Cap

FOA001-620R Pz.IV Brake Access Cover Vent

FOA001-626R Pz.IV Chassis Service Gas Cap

FOA001-628R Rear Bolt Detail

FOA001-632LR Rear Bolt Detail (Other)

FOA001-636R German Bosch Light

FOA002-024R Jgdpz Commander's Binoculars

FOA002-025R Jgdpz Loader's Hatch w/ visors

FOA002-402R Jgdpz Rear Tow Hook

FOA002-405R Jgdpz Loader's Periscope

FOA002-406R Jgdpz Periscope Guide Long

FOA002-407R Jgdpz Periscope Guide Short

FOA002-409R Close in Defense Port

FOA002-412R Jgdpz Driver's Armored Visor

FOA002-413R Jgdpz Armored Cover

FOA002-710R Jgdpz Barrel Travel Lock


May 27

6SI-TT49-01F-K Tiger 1 20-ton Jack Functional

6SI-TT49-01S-K Tiger 1 20-ton Jack non-Functional

6SI-TT49-02F-K Tiger 2 20-ton Jack Functional

6SI-TT49-02S-K Tiger 2 20-ton Jack non-Functional

6SI-TT49-03F-K Sturmtiger 20-ton Jack Functional

6SI-TT49-03S-K Sturmtiger 20-ton Jack non-Functional

6SI-GENT009-A NEW! machine .80 wing-nuts

6SI-GENT011-D NEW! machine 1" Long Eye Bolts


May 21

MPSS Suspension for Tiger tank

MPSS Suspension for Panther tank

MPSS Suspension for Kingtiger tank

MPSS Suspension for Idler Track Tension



May 11

Video of FOA011RC Lower hull running system. FOA011RC now available

6SI-250-10-K Shovel

6SI-250-12-K Pick Axe

6SI-250-13-K Small Axe

FOAP60023 German and Allied Road Signs Pt.1

FOAP60025 Red Ball Highway

FOA014-444R Late Type Hull MG Mount

FOA014-ACC-024 Kugelblende Interior Mounting System

FOA014-ACC-025 Kugelblende 80mm Ball

FOA014-ACC-026 Armored Barrel MG-34

FOA001-627R Pz.IV left side suspension arm

FOA001-627R Pz.IV right side suspension arm

FOA001-602R Pz.IV suspension block

FOA001-622R Pz.IV suspension block cover

FOA001-621R Pz.IV double return roller

FOA001-619R Pz.IV return roller bracket

FOA001-625R Drive Gear Housing

FOA006-901R StuG III/IV Saukopf Mantlet

FOA002-404R Jgpz IV L/70 Mantlet

FOA002-403R Jgpz IV L/70 Mantlet Housing

FOA005-436R Steel Road Wheels


April 24

6SI-TT14A-K Tiger 1 Driver and Radio Op Basic Hatch Set

FOA014-025R Kingtiger Escape Hatch, No Interior Detail

FOA014-026R Kingtiger Escape Hatch, with Interior Detail

FOA014-436R Kingtiger Road-Wheel Cap


April 16

FOA014 Kingtiger Henschel Version June 1944 NEW


April 7

FOA014-045R Kingtiger Driver & Radio Hatches

FOA10001-033R Tiger I Late & Kingtiger Cupola (updated)

FOA10001-038R Tiger I Late & Kingtiger Turret Ventilator (updated)


April 6

FOA014-103R Kingtiger C-Shacle

FOA014-047R Kingtiger Driver/Radio Vent

FOA014-423R Kingtiger Snorkel Exhaust

FOA014-422R Kingtiger Engine Round Cover - small

FOA014-421R Kingtiger Engine Round Cover - Large

FOA014-111R Kingtiger Exhaust Grill

FOA014-043R Kingtiger Engine Access Hinge

FOA014-101R Kingtiger Idler Wheel

FOA014-071R Kingtiger Engine Vent

FOA014-024R Kingtiger Turret Shell Ejection

FOA014-065R Kingtiger Rear Plate Back Port


April 1

No April Fool! Kingtiger parts available

FOA014-121R Kingtiger Gun Mantlet

FOA014-044R Kingtiger Jack Rest Block

FOA014-055R Kingtiger Engine Starter Attachment

FOA014-032R Kingtiger and Tiger I late Turret Periscope Cover

FOA014-068R Kingtiger and Tiger I late Engine Heater Port

FOA014-046R Kingtiger Driver/Radio Hull Periscope Cover


March 20

All Static FOA Kits in stock! (except Brummbar on Special Order)
FOAP60019 1/6 German Propaganda Poster Pt.1 WW II

FOAP60020 1/6 German Propaganda Poster Pt.2 WW II

FOAP60021 1/6 German Papers, Photos, Magazines WW II

FOAP60022 1/6 Allied Road Signs Part 1 WW II

March 17
FOA-ACC-021 1/6 German Remote MG Mount (MG not included)
FOA-ACC-022 1/6 German Cone Head Bolts (2 Sizes)
FOA-ACC-020 1/6 German 75mm Panzergranat-patrone 40 Tungsten Cored AP
FOA-ACC-023 1/6 Panzer III/StuG III Fender Support

March 16
FOA-ACC-015 1/6 German Radio Fu-5 Transmitter and Receiver
FOA-ACC-016 1/6 German Radio Fu-8 Transmitter and Receiver
FOA-ACC-012 1/6 Panzer III RC Sprocket
FOA-ACC-009 1/6 Panzer III Double Road Wheels
6SI-PAN01-PAN10-K Panther Set Parts Pan01 to Pan10 as a Kit

March 9
FOA Tiger 1 Tank (YouTube video)

March 6
6SI-PAN31-K Panther IR Scope FG 1250 as a Kit

March 5, 2015
FOA10001RC Field of Armor Models 1/6 Tiger I Ausf.E Late Un-Assembled R/C Kit