About us

                                                                       Field of Armor Tanks, LLC
                                               The Reign of Steel

Field of Armor (FOA) was started in the days of http://www.GreatModels.com and its wholesale sister companyhttp://www.DouglasModels.com. FOA approached the GreatModels staff about building a 1/6 scale Tiger tank. We were amazed, perplexed, and ... curious! But we never thought they would "come through" with this "monster". But FOA made it happen!

Douglas Distributors sold FOA products from 2003, seeing the change of material used for the Tiger tank, from foam to ABS. A split in the FOA company moved the Tiger and the "controversial" Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C products to California and the good people of Rolling Thunder (who fixed the issues with the ABS Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.C)

The original designer created a new company called "Battle Ready Armor" (BRA).

In 2006, BRA and Douglas Distributors joined forces to introduce the Laser-Cut Steel technology and produce other tanks. The size of these vehicles required more strength, but no more weight! In the next few years, the metal tanks of the Pz.IV Ausf.HBrummbarJagdpanzer IV L/70 Panther Ausf.GJagdpantherStuG IV and Nashorn were born from this association. But the collapse of the 1/6 scale market, alongside the entire US economy in 2008, separated the two companies.

In 2012, GreatModels/Douglas Distributors were sold, and the owner bought FOA to combine it with BRA products. The company kept the name of "Field of Armor Tanks". We created the Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D family and added the M3 Half-track and M16 MGMC to the inventory.

In 2013, the decision was made to upgrade FOA products not only to Radio Controlled capability, but to full "Combat Capabilities". This means that the tanks should be able to run in rough environment like Grass, Sand and Woods with good reliability. It also means that the tanks should "fire" a Paintball Marker, and be able to combat other tanks [Please check with your State and Local laws regarding the use of a remote firing vehicle].


How does Field of Armor Tank Compare with other 1/6th scale products on the market?

1. Cost: Field of Armor Tanks are relatively inexpensive when compared to most other 1/6th Scale Armored Vehicles. We work hard to keep the prices down. However, "Combat Tanks" have SEVERAL expensive systems: Suspension, Motorization, Rotation, Elevation, Paintball System. FOA combat tanks are in the $3,000 range while our competition are in the $5,500+ range (without the firing option).

2. The Light Weight of FOA vehicles is critical. Low weight means less power is required, but could also mean fragility of running components. Low weight also adds some flexibility of transportation. FOA static tanks range in the 40-80 lbs, and combat vehicles are 90-150 lbs. Our competitors have R/C tanks in the 350 lbs range.

3. Accuracy: FOA tanks are accurate to a degree. Our business strategy is to provide dimensionally accurate vehicles for customers to expand their expertise and talent into the model. FOA tanks are made of laser-cut sheet metal or/and ABS, with a mix of resin and plastic accessories. This is how FOA keeps the price down on a 1/6 scale product. Our competitors might have CNC machined accessories, which increases weight and costs.

3. Commitment to Quality Control : All kits are layout on a QC table and Photographed with a serial number. This serial number is also written on the shipping boxes and included on your invoice.