6SI-PZIIT015-K Panzer II Ausf. F Conversion

Item #: 6SI-PZIIT015-K
# Available: 8




6th Scale Icons Product. This conversion was designed by Mike Stannard


  • 1/8" thick ABS plates to convert Dragon Pz.II Ausf.B kit to Ausf.F
  • TT32H 4-stowage hinges for the side stowage box
  • GENT023A 4- small hinges for the side stowage box, with spacer GENT023B
  • PZIIT013 set of two front towing bracket
  • Resin parts for turret and front glacis covers and vision ports
  • Resin parts for exhaust


DOES NOT INCLUDES Resin "late" cupola

Dragon Ausf.B Kit and Detail Accessories shown on picture of build-up NOT INCLUDED



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