GC01 Greek Coins - Assortment of 4 coins #GC01

GC01 Greek Coins - Assortment of 4 coins

Item #: GC01
# Available: 50




All coins are made of white metal Pewter, approximately 20mm in size or otherwise noted


Coin 1: Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander the Great (336-323 BC), Silver Tetradrachm, Susa c.316-311 BC, head of Herakles right, rev Zeus enthroned holding eagle, wreath in left field

Coin 2: Thessaly, Larissa. Silver Drachm, 4th Century B.C. Located in the fertile pastures of central Greece, many miles northwest of Athens, the city of Larissa struck a series of coins with the facing head of a local water nymph on the obverse and a horse on the reverse

Coin 3: Double head of Apollo, from Istria (Romania), Greek-Dacia coins, 4th century BC

Coin 4: SYRACUSE-Sicily-Apollo-Pegasus-Winged-Horse-Ancient-Greek 15mm coin

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