Shipping FAQ

The Shipping Deal

What are the shipping rates? Shipping rates are automatically calculated at check out. If you wish to know exact shipping, just order what you want, and let the computer calculate shipping costs. 

Field of Armor Tanks are large and heavy due to the scale of this hobby. For large boxes, we  ship FedEx Ground to all US Locations, and FedEx International Economy or DHL Worldwide Express to all International locations. Our International rates are about 50% discounted. Smaller parts are shipped via the US Postal Service.

A static kit costs approximately $69 to contiguous US States, approximately $200-$250 to Europe, $300-$350 to Australia/Asia.  RC kits are much heavier, and shipping costs reflect the increase in weight. 


NOTE to customers: You might notice that shipping costs are "exhorbitant" or that the shopping cart state that all the items in your cart do not apply to a shipping option. In this case, contact FOA Customer Support. We have many shipping options, and sometimes the weight of many items in your cart goes above the 150 lbs maximum weight for FedEx/DHL.

5-7 day service with Tracking to any locations in the world (3 days with DHL!). A full kit is usually separated in two boxes: one OVERSIZE box (dimensional weight) for laser-cut metal and another box for parts and Accessories.

 International Customers are responsible for VAT/Duty Taxes. Utah sales taxes are 6.85% (only charged to orders shipping to Utah)

What about missing parts? The QC procedures include photos with Serial# for each kit. This process is eliminating packaging mistakes, and customer claims. 

Want additional parts?Resin accessories and plastic accessories are available on our website. Metal parts are NOT available, unless special orders with a 60-days waiting period. 

When does my order ship?Full tank will ship same day or next day if ALL THREE conditions are met: 1) Tank is in stock. 2) QC photos are stored. 3) Payment is received. 

Warranty Claims? 30-Day limited warranty on damaged and missing parts.

Product List  (New products are always added) Weight (lbs)/Dimensions (inch)*
Product ID Scale Item Name


  1st Box lbs 1st Box Dim 2nd Box lbs

2nd Box


FOA001 1\6 Panzer IV Ausf.H Metal Kit     32 46x20x2 22 20x14x11
FOA001-HULL 1\6 Panzer IV Late Lower Body     27 46x20x2 19 20x14x11
FOA002 1\6 Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Metal Kit     29 50x28x3 20 20x14x11
FOA003 1\6 Panther Ausf.G Early Metal Kit     49 50x28x3 30 21x19x11
FOA004 1\6 Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Metal Kit     49 50x28x3 30 21x19x11
FOA005 1\6 Sd.Kfz.166 Brummbar Late Metal Kit     27 43x20x2 24 18x13x12
FOA006 1\6 Sd.Kfz.167 StuG IV Metal Kit     35 46x18x2 21 20x14x11
FOA007 1\6 Sd.Kfz.164 Nashorn Metal Kit (Production Body)     44 50x27x3 23 18x13x12
FOA008 1\6 US M3 Half Track     49 46x24x3 30  18x13x12
FOA20001 1\6 Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf. C German Half-Track     9 14x10x7 n/a  
FOA10001 1\6 Tiger I Ausf.E Un-Assembled Kit     55 40x24x12 n/a  

*Measured weights and dimensions could slightly vary. 
We provide this information for your own estimation of shipping, or answer customerís inquiries